Friday, April 23, 2004

ta da ...

Well what do I know ... I'm actually doing this
well I've been thinking for a while as to what I would write about - never could figure that one out (even now)
music? cars? electronics? nature? movies? comics? games? science? Indian government? ... well some of the things I talk about ... or rather of which I have an opinion about ... and that’s only the tip of the iceberg ;) he heh
n eways thanks to the internet - geography is dead and it hardly matters that I write this half way across the world from home!
I want to say I'm listening to music, but I am not :( but then the music never stops in my head so I "am" listening to DMB - "dancing nancies" - live at the Central Park - you really should pick that album - 3 CD's and the end of it - you wish that there was more! And its more fun listening to it when you're driving ... alone ... on winding roads - ahhh... I want to say on a Mitsubishi Eclipse with the moon-roof pulled back on Route 1 California - near 450 degree turns on greeeeeen roads - clouds hanging low and the air smelling sweet - ahh - but then I was listening to Karsh Kale - ahhhh - Karsh Kale - well I could go on and on ... save it for another day :)
Surprisingly, this time around I still havent played any games on the X-box (its been 5 days since I have been ion clooooooose proximity to one!) - can’t really figure out why. And I still haven't finished the Knightfall-KnightsEnd series ... it still lies on my laptop ... waiting ... watching ... oh yes and quickly need to buy that 7-pin S-Video to RCA connector to connect my laptop to the 27" TV, so that I can watch the movies on my hard disk!
n e ways I think I've rambled on enuff for my first time - see like I told you - I couldn’t make up my mind on what to write about ... or did I?
sigh ...
A big welcome to myself and a big hi to you reading and yep - love you lots n lots n missin you lots and lots.