Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Yuva - Comment to Brij's Blog?

me wanted to write a blog on Yuva but I guess that shall take a while ;)
this is wayyyyyyyy faster ;)
abt Yuva - well I thot it was a wonderful movie - me being a big Mani Ratnam fan - I maybe biased but I think this time he delivered ... and in style.
Abhishek - well first movie I have seen of his and am I impressed or what! Very fine actor - overacts a lil sometimes but he's very good.
Devgun - well he's up there! needs no more mention! Am convinced that Kajol gave him a sound beating and solid acting classes after marriage! No more riding two bikes at the same time for this chap ;) 2 good.
Vivek - Company, Masti and this - very impressive - fine actor - honest expressions - and I really liked the character :) Mani Ratnam gives his character the Karthik of Mouna Raagam feel and he caries it off very well. Loved the one-liners between him and Kareena - would have to see if Hum-Tum betters that ;)
the ladies - none of them had a chunky role but ... Rani is very good but I don't think she did anything out of the ordinary - did what was expected of her.
I think Mani Ratnam made Kareena look reaaaaaaaaaaaly good :) - the waves on her in "Hey ...Khuda Hafiz" - too much only.
I begin to wonder if Mani Ratnam even dictates the colors and types of clothes that ppl wear - I'm kinda certain abt that. Kareena for one looked real cool as opposed to her revolting self in other moveez :P
Hema Jr. was cute :) her expressions - that too in the slow motion - said a lot!
Mani Ratnam - man I could go on and on about the way he's made the movie! Every shot is so crisp. There's always a bright red and yellow or or a Blue and green or a white and Red combination - his colors are soooooooooo vivid! now some wud say its the cinematographer but after having seen soooooooo many Ratnam movies - I think the director deserves a lot of the credit.
Love the way he makes movies ... cut to the scene where Devgun takes a turn and the entire backdrop is covered with this big red scorpio turning behind him - the scorpio could have been white or black - but no it was and had to be RED - what an effect!
every shot has to have a mammoth backdrop, be it the Howrah bridge when Rani and Abhishek are talking by the window or the big green mountains when Devgun is talking to the villagers - quite impressive and very very worth a dekko on the big screen.
And the Howrah bridge thingie in the end was really cool - he pulled it off very well - One could easily have gotten carried away while shooting such scenes (watch any recent Kamal Haasan movie to understand) - but Mr. Ratnam keeps it tight. Just when I thot the fight was stretching a bit it got over :)
The only disappointment was the way the song "Fanaa" was shot. I've been glued to the Yuva sndtrk for about 2 months now and I expected a lot out of that song - something like a "Tanhaaye" from DCH - but the disc thing with some freak singing the song was a dampener. And the songs in the 2nd half could have been a lil shorter - but then thats my opinion :)
The movie was a tad violent but then I think the artistry and the strong characterisation compensates nicely for the gore. You dont come out with a "bloody" feeling and thats what matters.
All in all a very good movie I thot. would like to rent the DVD and watch it a second time to have a better perspective ;)
and I think this is too long for a comment so I shall put it in my blog!
Thanks Brij :P