Saturday, December 23, 2006

Zoom Zoom

All the power and still troubled by speed limits … frack!
The other day we were cruising in the TL (and I mean cruising) and cursing (that was me) at the horrible 65mph speed limit boards! And then it came to me …
for all of the speed enthusiasts, they should appoint one day in a year, one Sunday – when they can drive --as fast as they want--!
Think about it – all the pent up frustration of having a zippy car and not really being able to zip around – can be released – one Sunday in a year – that’s not too much to ask for … and we’ll learn to live by it like the daylight-saving time change date.

They could earmark certain critical sections as off-limits for emergency vehicles, airports, hospitals, buses etc. but all other freeways would be game for speeding – Insurance coverage would not be effective on that day or they could charge a super-surcharge for that one day.
If you don’t like driving fast, then don’t drive on that Sunday – stay home and watch TV, do the dishes, laundry or do whatever else that you do on most Sundays! simple.

That would be really cool me thinks … a brilliant idea … and Soumya did not say anything in protest either :) (which is saying a lot)
vrroom vrrrrroooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Fast Car

Whats my fav car? Hmmm … was thinking abt replying to Arvind’s post with this post and obviously I’ve taken my time (other things I assure you) … but here we are talking about my “wishlist of cars”. As the wise old man ( I mean Arvind) wisely mentioned that his list was made of cars that he would love to drive and own as well, coz he kept out the uber expensive Veyrons and McLaren-Merc’s … good thinking there. (I told you he's a wise old man)
So the cars that I would love to own someday –
1. Lancer Evo IX (I’m sure by the time I get to it, it would be a XII or XV)
2. Lotus Elise
3. BMW M3 (Of course I would want the M3 GTR but then that would be frivolous wouldn’t it!) (and oh if they “upgrade” the M3’s to new body styling, then all bets are off – will never buy those shitty looking cars)
4. Civic Si (the one I almost bought this year)
5. Audi S8 / BMW 750 iL (The E38 series) – tough call between the two

That’s pretty much it – not very different from Arvind’s list (am not surprised) – and dude thanks for including the TL in your list :)
OK if I’m going to be frivolous when I find gold treasures in my backyard (and after making sure that we have a big house, enuff savings for everyone, yada yada yada and still be left with a LOT of money) then … (and only then)
1. McLaren SLR (cmon – this is sheer engineering)
2. Ferrari FXX
3. Maserati MC12
4. Lamborghini - Murcielago
5. BMW M6
Oh man – this list can be quite long … I might even put in KITT from Knight Rider - so nevermind :P

Thursday, December 21, 2006

scratch scratch

put-put golfing (in the cold),
new camera,
drives (of course),
working out,
eating right and hence losing weight,
christmas parties,
flying kites,
remote controlled air-planes (vich didn't last too long),
california for work,
putting the big bosses in a tight spot by asking them an honest question,
chatting with old friends,
fruity loops,
half-life 2,
birthday parties,
Mind your language (the TV series - thank you Arvind),
making new friends,
LOTR (again),
Guru - the music (and waiting for Guru - the movie),
debates on religious beliefs (and everthing else in general),
new comics,
battlestar galactica,
reflecting on humanity (how sick we really are)

... been over a month ... a busy month