Friday, August 14, 2009

What would you do with a Time Machine?

Quick. What would be the first thing you do if you got access to a time machine?

Was in an aimless conversation on FB and the Time Machine thing came up - and
- N mentioned that he would go back and change his 3rd Semester KT results! LOL
- U mentioned that he would convince Newton to sit under a Coconut tree instead of an Apple tree
me? ... well first thing that came to my mind (if I can not change anything)
I would like to go back to the 3 days of Woodstock 1969. (Tough tie with witnessing the Creation of Life but given the time contstraints, Music quickly won)

What would you do? first thing. from the top of your head.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Sorry Saara that You are an Iyer

summer of 21XX
Saara "But Papa I scored the most points"
Me "I know"
Saara "Then how come I'm not 1st"
Me "Because of your Caste dear"
Saara "Caste?? or Class??"
Me "I honestly don't know dear ... just know that you can never be 1st as long as folks from the other class/caste score at least 70%"
Saara "So my performance is going to be judged depending upon the underperformance of others??? - that doesn't make sense Papa"
Me "Yes ... it wasn't like that before dear but ..."
Saara "Then why don't they create two of everything (Schools, Companies etc.) one for each Caste/Class ?"
Me "I don't know da ... but thats how the Indian Government functions ... I guess your Mom and I had it easier than you ..."
Saara "But that is stupid Governance ... we won't be competent with the rest of the world"
Me "Look - there is a fish flying outside the window - go ask Mamma about that"


If it wasn't bad enough that the IIT's lowered their JEE admission bar for SC/ST sudents - according to this new SC ruling, they can not expel them for under-performance!!!!
If someone had told this to me a couple of hours ago I would have said "Ya right" ... and walked away ... and now I just can't believe what I am reading.
Somebody please pinch me and tell me that this is not happening!

I know my conversation with Saara may seem a tad unrealistic ... but judging by what is happening around - who's to say!

I'm just glad that when I went to school - if someone failed to make it , they pretty much failed to make it ... caste/creed/c* no bar!
A simple performance based system.
Is it that difficult? no really. is it that difficult?

I wonder what kind of future is coming to India ... but since I am not doing anything about the messy Governance (except rant on my blog like a wuss) ... I guess I will just stop now. and pray for some common-sense.