Thursday, February 03, 2005

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Paisa Yeh Paisa

Was reading about Brij's blogs about Zen and Sarat's ramblings about Buddha - and it beings me
back to my favourite topic - money!
what’s the connection? To quote from the JLU episode that I saw today
The Atom: Amazing. Show (Eiling) a weapon that destroyed its creators and every other thing it saw and he wants to play with it. What's to stop history from repeating itself right here on Earth?
Superman: We are.

and then I asked Soumya - its so sick - everything in this world(read military) is all about just one thing - Soumya said "power" - and I said "yes power, but then it all translates to 'paisa' - everybody wants to be the richest ... or to speak like them MBA's - maximize profits! to hell with the rest of the world - and oh did I kill u so that I could wear your skin - too bad for you!

I keep wondering where all this is going to take us - this mad drive to have more money - and I really don't have an answer. It was easy(?) for Siddharta to give up stuff and meditate - one would think - but then there's so much I want to do - so many places to go before I die (incl. Alaska to watch the Aurora Borealis) - and I do need one thing for them all ... "money" that brings me back to square one - am I not as guilty as the suits in NY? Don’t know ... really don't know.

Each time I shake my head at them wannabe investment bankers who are ready to write off 8 years of their life so that they can make boatloads of money after that - I keep reminding myself that there is someone out there looking at me and shaking his head! who am I to have the "holier than thou" attitude?

I may not center my life around "money" , but then I'm the one who wants to travel all around the world, buy nice musical instruments, have fast computers, nice house, nice car, travel into space if possible ... I have a list too!

Well we could only begin to justify our actions, needs, wants ... and never end!

am I getting anywhere? I really don't know. Just keep bobbing in and out of reality I guess :)