Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amit Trivedi

... Dev D ...
... Aamir ...

common Element = Amit Trivedi
The only two albums that I have heard from this amazing composer - but I think this young guy is here for good ... I was super impressed with the music in Aamir (movie too!)- glaringly unconventional and so refreshingly fresh - sometimes dark and reminiscent of the music in Karam ... highly recommended for lock-the-disc-in-your-player-and-loop kind of music.

and then comes the music for Dev D ... what can I say - WOW.
Anurag Kashyap better live up to the standard of the music. There I said it! first.

The first track 'Emosional Atyachar' sets the pitch for the album and from there on it is one joyride with Duniya, Nayan Tarse, Pardesi, Saali Khushi all the way to the Dev Chanda themes which let you relax, catch your breath ... and give you with something to hum along.

I mean this is a true soundtrack - 18 tracks ... not 6, not 7 not 10 ... but EIGHTEEN.
If you're expecting a conventional or slightly unconventional soundtrack then this is not it ... this is for the 'true' soundtrack lovers - like the soundtracks of Pulp Fiction or Natural Born Killers ... (sorry can't remember another true Hindi soundtrack) ... where the music and tunes grip you with the sheer energy and strength - not so much with hummable tunes or sweet melodious voices.
The soundtrack has it all ... rock, pop, soul, electronica, fast fusion, bhangra, two step, folk, hints of bluegrass, western classical, bebop, country, enigma ... very VERY colorful Smörgåsbord ... get the picture.

I really like his arrangement ... - very simple - very intelligent - 3 or so instruments to set up the backbone of the song - a kicky drum and a tight bass to support a basic riff and then additional layers and effects to give volume to the song ... The guy sings in almost half the album - his vocals are grungy and perfect for such tunes ... and then there are other songs with other 'interesting' voices ...
and its his own vocals that are more captivating at times - the sheer attitude of the vocals makes it perfect for a soundtrack.

And I take back what I said earlier - I have heard this guy before ... apparently Amit Trivedi is a part of that fantastic fusion band from Chembur called "OM" ... now there is another fantastic album ... but we never heard a follow up album from them ... yet.

Note to Anurag Kashyap - "You better do justice to the music man"

Random searches on Google told me that this is the "baap" of all soundtracks ... not sure who really said that but I couldn't agree more.
Go now ... listen to Dev D. again. and again.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

OK I watched the Slumdog Millionaire ~finally~ and I'm not sure if it was the result of all the piling anticipation and expectations ... but I was not overly impressed. No seriously.

I'm not saying that the movie is bad ... far from it actually - it was very enjoyable and I liked it but that's it! Would I watch it or recommend it as a must watch ... probably not ... maybe as a once watch.

Why you ask? Well to me it just has too many overtones of Salaam Bombay ... Slumdog is more like a rehashed Salaam ... apt for the new millenium ... and all. The movie had a little bit of everything in it - not that there is anything wrong with that but it just felt like a shallow pass over many issues instead of a deeper view into one or a few issues. That being said there was nothing erroneous depicted ... WYSIWYG - you do see Bombay's underbelly. as. .it. .is.

But don't listen to me so much - watch it and form your own opinion.
A bunch of things impressed me - the bright colors, the camera angles, the acting - especially by the kids - and of course AR Rahman's score - superb stuff
... if not for that damn Amit Trivedi I would be listening to Rahman's music instead ... but more on that later.


Spawn into the new year ...
Happy New Year y'all ...

2009 promises to be the year of the baby!