Friday, September 29, 2006

In the line of Fire

Now I don't even know what to think of Musharraf's new book. It promises to be interesting ... will wait and watch.

Happened to stumble upon this news on TV yesterday. Funny - I did not see it on Google news - not that it is important or anything ... but still.
Do I need to start watching TV?

2 things

First - Thank you Sumona for forwarding this wonderful article. Its an old article (yes I'm classic) but its well written, albeit somewhat long. Nevertheless me liked it. Also, its been a couple of years of hearing "The world is Flat" - over and over ... I think its time to read and be done with it!

Second - Lightscribe - me like this technology a lot.

House Of M

Now here's some good comics by Marvel. Had followed the books a while ago and am catching up with the different story-arcs following M-Day. Very cool stuff – a must read.

The Wolverine story-arc after M-Day has been a lot of fun to read … in case you didn’t know – Wolverine got his memory backAll of it!

And in related news, Framk Miller and Jim Lee are working together on "All Star Batman & Robin - The Boy Wonder" ... 4 installments are out (they're taking their sweet time) and I suspect another Hush/DK in the making ... nice!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Heard this word for the first time today ... and I like it.
Now I've always lacked in the patience department but I think I'm really pathetic in e-Patience levels!
Still ... I like the word a lot.

Wonder if GnR had to rewrite their classic today, how they would word it? ... hmmmmm

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The TL is perfect … except (there had to be an except) that it does not play MP3’s. So even with the 6 DVD-A changer I could only have 6 audio CD’s of music :( … and then came Adobeman.
Some background – the TL plays DVD-Audio – I think it was the first car to support DVD-Audio. Now DVD-A is this high fidelity format which essentially plays music in 5.1 format – using up the 7 speakers + sub-woofer and all that good stuff. Unfortunately for me (there had to be an unfortunately of course) and for everyone else as well, this format is relatively new and not many albums out there in DVD-A format …. Funnily enuff – theres boatloads of western-classical stuff in DVD-A format. What gives?!!? Not that I have anything against western-classical but its definitely not the kind of music that I wan’t to hear when I’m driving. On the couch at home in the evening – maybe!
Was generally searching (like a lot of other TL owners apparently) the trenches of the internet to find a musical solution for the TL … (after all the sound system in the TL is soooo good) and lo behold! an entire forum for TL (and all other Acura models) owners dedicated to improving (and showing off) their rides. And in the “Audio, Bluetooth and Electronics” sub-forum (note the unnecessary detail) I find this Adobeman chap (Yaaay – I’m finally getting to the point)

Yep – Adobeman is his nick in the forum. And this Adobeman chappie wrote this program (if you know what I mean) to burn regular mp3’s in DVD-A format – not in 5.1 format but regular stereo format like audio CD’s – but lo behold … … … you can stuff more than 8 CD’s on one DVD!!!!!!!!!! Yes you read that right – like 500 minutes of music on a DVD. And oh, he just put the program up there … for free!

So I have the likes of 48-50 CD’s worth of music in my car – in 6 slots! good no :)
And I thought I was being biased, but a lot of ppl have confirmed that the same stereo songs somehow sound better in DVD-A format.

Thank You Adobeman (and people like you ) who make the world (and the Internet) a better place to live. God bless.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Generation Awakens

My favourite movie in recent times - Rang De Basanti - has been nominated for the Oscars.
Not that being nominated for the Oscar's is a great scientific or human achievement but to me it just shows that there is (more) hope for Indian Films.
I'm glad that run-of-the-mill-and-pain-in-the-hindside-flicks like Kank were sidelined. And yes I'm opinionated (if u didn't know that already). I just hope that Rakeysh Mehra and the others get their fair share of credit and that Aamir Khan does not steal the show!
I'm loving it ...

Safe ty

Ok! Safety is a big thing at work … no really - it’s a huuuuuuuuge thing – and that’s awesome! They even have an ergonomic workstation evaluation for every employee … heck our tables are motorized so that you can adjust the height of the table! And then we have these safety meetings where we enlighten the rest on some safety topic.
Getting to the point (about time!) – One of the favorite topics is “kids and driving” … awesome topic – ppl generally talk about the ills of reckless driving, why safety-belts are so important, checking behind the car before you back up … stuff like that. And then most of these presentation generally mention the fact that DWI causes the most number of deaths … especially in teenagers and young adults. Why you really shouldn’t drink and drive.
I have to comment on this.

First off … I believe that it is NEVER fine to drink and drive … period! So if you disagree with me then don't waste your time (and mine) reading the rest ...
Now, I really don’t see any reduction in the number of accidents in the US (and the rest of the developing world) because of DWI. Why you ask?
Culture shift.
That’s what is needed … and I’m sorry to say – that’s not going to happen.
Picture this – 30000+ people watching a ball game – everyone’s enjoying … coke, nachos, chips, cookies interrupted only by the loud screams of “cold beeeeeeeeeeer”! Oh yes – I have seldom seen any moving carts for water or coke but the “cold beeeeeeeeeeeer” fellow walks by every 45 seconds … like clockwork! Sure enough everyone around us has a cool-looking beer bottle (and many more empty ones under the seat) and everyone is enjoying the “spirit” of the game!Correct me if I am wrong … if I were to count the number of people who reside in the stadium there wouldn’t be any! So we’re talking about 30000 odd people who are about to drive out of the stadium - at night - after the game … baseball, football, ice-hockey, basketball … doesn’t matter – THEY DRINK AND DRIVE OUT OF THE PARKING LOT OF THE STADIUM!

Oh yes there’s always cops outside the stadium. But for some inexplicable reasons, all that they do is direct traffic … oh no – the breath analyzers have disappeared mysteriously and hard-working cops are reduced to being traffic signs … hmmm!

I don’t understand why there is such a big hue and cry over safety and all the good stuff when such a glaring mistake is so conveniently overlooked … in the name of sports, music , entertainment … whatever!

But wait … I'm the doofus here! That is how it is supposed to done, no? It is impossible to see the curve of the ball traveling at 125 mph … unless you’ve had a few drinks. Of course! And don’t even try to listen to the delicate sounds of thunder … or Pink Floyd … at any concert - extremely dangerous without the complementary 12-pack! A fun evening at the park without alcohol you say?!!? … are you on crack? And chill - its only a couple of beers dude ... it tastes like piss and there's no hangover after a couple of hours. Its not whisky or rum. I can drive all night - no problem.

Bah! Stop the bus please … I need to get off!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

American History X

American History X
Thank You Sarat. Some more prodding from some of my colleagues and I took the DVD with me – sat in my hotel room in San Ramon and saw it. Very thought provoking. Very Very. Lots of things hit me … very hard. Immigrants … crime … poverty … justice – what’s right and what’s wrong? How would I think if I was on the other side of the fence … maybe I’ll get the chance in a couple of decades with all the India shining … I hope I do. Then maybe … I hope I don’t – I might not be able to accept the truth. I’m not sure – unity in diversity of India seemed good as long as everyone got their large shares … but the pie’s getting smaller with every day … it’s a different world … in just a couple of centuries … or less.
Some things that lingered … (not verbatim)
Immigrants/Minorities – they’re not here to embrace the country – they don’t really love the country like we do – they’re just here to take what they can. They don’t embrace – they exploit.
Why are most of the social problems in immigrant/minority communities?
Poverty really does not justify crime.

Now I don’t subscribe to hate ... or violence – Never. BUT - I am not in the same shoes now am I? … it’s so easy for me to give my two cents! (pun intended)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ganapati Bappa Moriya

Miss the festive air in Bombay … walking around Vashi visiting all the Ganpati’s … so much Prasad that we skipped dinner (almost!). Fun days those … going from sector to sector taking notes from the schedule of programs and movies and then embarking on the weekend night journeys - chaddar and all - for those all-night thingies.
This time it was an 8 hour drive from Houston to Arkansas – to Hemant and Madhu’s. Those guys had done an AWESOME decoration … hand made and all. Next Morning saw Hemant and me don our pandit avatars and do the pooja (I was being funny … much to Jo’s dismay ;) ) – but it was good fun. Unfortunately we had to leave in the evening as I had my flight back to San Ramon. But we did manage to pack a lot in the 24 hours or less that we spent.
Ganapati Bappa Moriya. (I know Dussera is around the corner now but the feeling still lingers :) )

blog block

block blog ... blog block ... maybe thats doing its rounds along with the other crap going on around ... I thot it was just me - but mes amis Brij and Sarat too haven't been posting for a while now ... dunno ... just been this big lull ... ever since Sai ... may god rest his soul. and be with the loved ones missing him.
have been travelling a lot ... thinking a lot ... doing a bit ... working lots ... listening to some ... playing a bit ... driving some ... singing some ... reading some more ... lotsa movies - some fun ... some disturbing ... lots thought provoking ... reflecting . enjoying. thinking. ... living.
somehow did not feel like picking up the keys to post ... did it.
will weave thru in the next few days.